Kiehl's: Discontinue your #KiehlsxAutismSpeaks campaign

Autism Speaks is a candidly prominently ableist charity; it’s frankly outrightly unacceptable at all!!! Candidly, since it’s currently 2017, ableism towards innocent, endurable Autistics seriously must be eradicated right away!!! Actually, Autistics are not interested in curing their own conditions at all. They would rather retain being Autistic as cultural identities and prides as well. As a part of the Autistic culture and identities, Autistics actually discern themselves that it’s okay for them to be different. Frankly, Autism Speaks actually don’t care about, or show any unconditional love or respect to Autistics at all. They also actually don’t embrace Autistics for who they are at all. Overtly, Autism Speaks actually don’t perceive Autistics as human beings at all; they simply think of profits of monies, which is drastically selfish and ableist!!! Candidly, it’s quite unacceptable at all!!!

Brayden Walterhouse, Burnaby, Canada
3 years ago
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