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Make way for NxG: ban the law which allows divorce if girls do not live with in-laws.

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As the Centre Head of a pre-school (Kids Campus International, Triplicane), I witness the problems faced by young mothers and married women of this generation and this problem is like an epidemic, present everywhere, irrespective of the qualification, location, or the capacity of girls. There is a biased law that women who don't agree to stay with in-laws can be divorced by their husbands. This law also doesn't have a similar clause for girls' parents. Even if a girl passes away suddenly and she doesn't have a child, the full financial and property rights (be it her hard-earned money or her parents' property) are for her husband's family. This will lead to total exploitation of a girl and her family and a lot of breakups and divorces. 

I have raised this petition in support of these girls and also their husbands, who will be less anxious if parents start understanding their situation. I call for a withdrawal of the ruling mentioned above as the first step towards supporting the children, and especially the girls of this generation.

The generation which lived 50 years before mostly lived in joint families. This is because sons and daughters were married off early, and the parents thought they needed elders' support to stabilise financially before they learnt to survive by themselves. So, even if women were housewives and didn't contribute financially, elder in-laws took financial, moral and domestic responsibilities until the women turned 35-40 years old and only expected them to help around the house. The basic concept was that to live in a house, the woman has to help out in some way if not contributing financially. Therefore, girls didn't have too much pressure until they turned older and their children grew up, after which they gradually started taking the primary responsibilities. 

Nowadays, the average 24 year old girl is professionally qualified with a five figure salary and also takes up moral and domestic responsibilities post wedding. Both parents and in-laws also expect youngsters to stay with them. Elders do support youngsters, but this support suddenly becomes a favour after their daughter's or son's wedding, and relationships become strained because of this. Parents of boys mostly expect them to return what they did for him, the attitude being "I spent so much to bring you up, now it's your turn". Therefore, in a few cases, men also are stuck between the expectations of their wives and parents.

We need to respect the physical and mental capacities of girls these days and support them instead of asking them to take up responsibilities both at work and at home. The situation has become so bad that the suppression in those days seems better since the girls at least didn't have additional job/business pressure. Now, girls are expected to earn and contribute to the family and also be a rule-abiding daughter-in-law at home, which is not possible. A lot of mental and physical pressure is on their heads and this threatens to destroy the well-being of this generation of girls. They are stuck with elders who enjoyed their parents' support, stayed at home and took responsibilities late in life, but have now suddenly decided that traditional lifestyles are better, and expect youngsters to take up official and domestic responsibilities at home. Girls have to be modern until the doorstep of home and then suddenly transform into an obedient daughter-in-law. This thinking itself is confused and vague. Elders, please make way for the next generation and allow them to grow. If you can't support them, please step aside. 

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