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Return our daughter to us now!! Legal kidnapping by CPS

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Attention: Families Under Siege!!


My daughter wasg  legally Kidnapped in August 2010 and she is still missing.  She is 16.  Please read our story and sign our petition to help stop CPS and uninformed medical rpofessionals  from manipulating our parental rights and to stop interferring in our families lives for choosing alternative care and alternative lifestyles.

Think before you take your child for medical care...They may end up "Taken"
This is not to scare anyone, it is not for revenge or retaliation. It's purpose is public awareness and believe me...this is serious stuff and a call to CPS reform. And to Psychiatrists and big pharma to stop over medicating our kids.  "Proove it before you prescribe it! "

It is our fundamental right as human beings to choose,. As parents it is our right to guide our children and provide them with love and a healthy, safe environment.  To guide their education and to advocate for their ultimate health.  Among these rights is the right NOT to medicate our children with harmful Psychotropic drugs.

American families are under Siege. The Government entity known as CPS has legally kidnapped my daughter and stripped her, at a time of illness, away from her beloved family. No phone calls, letters, visits. No contact of any kind.

What kind of a society would allow this to happen to our families without proper and thorough investigation. Especially ill children who need their families most at times like this. And what kind of society would allow a system to make this abuse Legal!! Yet It can and does happen and good families are torn apart.

Just because this kidnapping is legal does not make any less of an impact in the lives of a close loving family. It is no different than if some random stranger did it. These people are strangers to my daughter. She has had to endure being ripped from her family and "forced" to do the bidding of the system. We as parents are forced out of our children's lives and our voices for advocacy, taken away.

Kendra is 16 and has rights. She refused many medications after the negative impact they were taking on her health. The CPS judge in our district, has now signed an order to Force her to take psychotropic drugs against her will. Whether by injection, NG tube or by any other means necessary.  These are medications that have caused her much pain, side effects and challenges that are being ignored. These are medications that are not tested on individuals under 18 years of age. And administered in dangerous combinations typically called a "cocktail"

Taking away someones rights out of fear, lack of a diagnosis or because other options are just not looked at, and "forcing" medications on anyone is unusual and cruel punishment. None of these people know my daughter or love her as I do.  No one has seemed to understand her needs. A Psychiatric diagnoses does not exist. It is impossible. It is the pharmaceutical companies that make the diagnosis. Drugs are not always the answer and all to easily "tested" on our kids. Ask any Psychiatrist to "prove" their diagnosis. They can not.  

my experience has shown me that CPS uses and listens only to their own spun lies and those of negligent medical personnel who claim that we are abusing our children, that we are medically neglecting them or using the stated "loop hole" statement of a situation being "life threatening", in order to take our children.  Why? Because we ask that their "cocktails" of mind altering drugs for our children not be administered.

Where is the REAL abuse? Medications have their uses. When medications cause suffering or make us feel other than ourselves (stated to me by a very wise psychiatrist), It needs to be looked at.

Please sign this petition and help us Bring Kendra (and other kids) Home. To allow our children the protection and  the necessary advocating by their parents for keeping them emotionally and physically safe and protected within their families.

Please sign this petition to help gain public awareness and to stop the madness of The CPS systems that need major reform. How many lives need to be challenged and collapsed due to a system or systems that no longer do what they were first created to do?

Help protect your family and those you love. You just don't know until this happens to your family and this petition is about making sure that safety for our choices and families is created in the government and allowed to thrive in our homes.

I invite you to do some research. Protect your loved ones from harm. Awarenes is key.

If this has happened to you or someone you know.. Get support, Stand strong in faith and your beliefs and keep loving your child and yourself.   Get pro-active not reactive and  use your voice to help to create change.  It is your right under the first amendment of the U.S. constitution.  Freedom of Speech.

Thank you for reading and signing this petition,

Peace and blessings

Update:  At 16 Kendra was advoacting for herself when she was taken from our custody.  She has now, as of just before the holidays as I can determine,  been placed into foster care (her worst nightmare) and forced to medicate with a cocktail of  Valium, Zyprexa, and Prozac.  She is 78 lbs.

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