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Please note that this is not about cara or her family, this is solely about seeking justice for Aleah. We are requesting new detectives be assigned to the investigation into the disappearance of Aleah D Beckerle, 20 of Evansville, Indiana. Taken from her own bed in the middle of the night from her East Iowa Street home. There has not been any breaks in the case and there is no new information to report. The Evansville police department have no potential leads in the case. 

HELP US END THE MADDNESS and keep Aleah's abductor/killer from getting away with this! We need motivated, unbiased detectives to help sift through the information with a fine tooth comb. Its time to divert focus back to ALEAH and go back to day 1 and start collecting missing pieces.

Here is what we know:

1. Tomorrow will mark the 7 month anniversary of the disappearance of Aleah Darlene Beckerle, 19 and fully handicapped. Unable to walk, talk or feed herself without assistance.

2. Aleah's mother "CARA" has provided LE with testimony and written statements from the number one suspect in her eyes. She says "I know he did this, I just don't know YET how I can prove it"

 she provides written statements from the suspect she has in mind stating
he admits coming into Cara's life to seek revenge on her childs father Demarco Roach, he said he came to take everything from him, "Everything but his manhood" in his words. Cara wised up and left him, only to receive other hateful messages from him including comments about how pissed and hurt this suspect was that she went back to dating Demarco, he put Cara down and then in the same messages being the sociopath he is tried using reverse psychology on her claiming he was upset at her for going back but claimed he was concerned for own good and her own well being, he expressed concern for her kids and their safety when really he was upset that his plan to seek revenge and keep Cara from MARCO had failed. Shortly after is when Aleah was taken from the home, Marcos pride and joy. Cara's family that were not so fond of Marco say that Marcos love for Aleah was so obvious and apparent it was unreal. The grandmother says that Marco cared for Aleah like a new born baby, his angel and he favored Aleah it ways that really touched her over the years.

3. The same suspect brags to one of his best friends and a possible accomplice that he is in good with the lead detective downtown. He allegedly brags that he will not serve near as much time as he should for his current incarceration on drug related charges because he is buddies with said detective. He also brags that he gave only a half viable alibi and celebrates that he passed his polygraph. He is known to educate others on how to easily pass a polygraph and this testimony comes from multiple sources including his own friends and family.

4. There are local businesses and markets within blocks of E IOWA street, business owners are confirming that LE never contacted them about street traffic or surveillance videos from that night. You would think they would want to preserve that incase there comes time that there are vehicles they could match to the area during those hours.

5. There was an eyewitness to strange company in the alley that evening and though they provided a good description of the visitors LE has not contacted this person further for questioning or taken descriptions.

6.Door knocking in the neighborhood asking questions like," in the days before or the evening of did you hear see or notice anything strange coming or going from that house or this neighborhood", residents that have opinions or comments about company or traffic at the east Iowa st home say that this is the first time more than 6 months later they have been asked these questions and even the houses next door and directly across have not been asked these questions before by LE.

7.Windows and doors in the home were not all checked, details will remain private on what I know here but there were other possibilities for entry to the home that were not considered.

8.There was FOOT PRINT yes a shoe FOOT print on the bath tub just near the window that these predators left OPEN!
yet still no break in the case... what exactly is up here in Evansville Indiana and how far will we take this to get FEDERAL, unbiased detectives assigned to this case to help CRACK IT and get the justice this little girl deserves. She is helpless, innocent and Aleah Beckerle deserves more now than ever to have voice in this scary world. What has Evansville become, the city to get away with murder, the place to pull off a kidnapping?

Please note that this is not about cara or her family, this is solely about seeking justice for Aleah. We are requesting new detectives be assigned to the investigation into the disappearance of Aleah D Beckerle, 20 of Evansville, Indiana.

We the community believe there are many pieces of potential evidence that have been missed. Whether intentionally or unintentionally we request that this child get a fair shot at justice regardless of the circumstances of her life. She did not have a choice in this life she lived. Her mother has hired a private investigator that up to this point has had no contact with detectives on this case.

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