Kid Flash Cowl in DC Universe Online!

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Greetings to all DCUO lovers!
 This petition is basically a sincere request to DCUO and a show of interest to a specific style :)
 Styles are a big part of DCUO, always have been, hell, it makes tons of money because of all those auras and such:)
BUT, what about some popular iconic styles? Surely, we can talk about tons of stuff like that, and yes, they can't keep up with them all if we started with it. So lets talk about Kid Flash. Even though we have a flash cowl, emblem and some inspired(!) styles in the game, there is no love for the flash family, which is basically Kid Flash in the game. When you look at Batman, we see that all of his sidekicks have styles in the game(3 of them having complete sets). I mean sure, we are already used to getting tons of Batman related stuff, but Batman isn't the only big character who has other big "related stuff" as i've put it. Don't you love Kid Flash, and his style.
That was the geek feelings part. Let's talk about how cool a cowl with hair would be in the game, and how much people would've liked it! Ok, well, i can't come up with more stuff for this point but you got the idea.
SO...Don't you want an iconic Kid Flash Cowl(without a closed forehead and such, like the one in the game but maybe with more open eye holes like Bart has in comics) . Don't you want to show them that, as customers, we just WANT to SPEND MONEY, and we're just telling what we can do it for? :)  (i'm making emphasis on some words so when they see this, they would like it, shhhh)
Let's sign this petition fellow gamers, so that Mepps, The Almighty Community Manager, can make this happen and put it into the marketplace with a decent price so we can buy it !
Peace out!