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Dear K365 Executive Team,
It’s me! Bez Kargar. I’m writing this letter in the hopes of a review and overturn of my current suspension from Kickball 365 Circuit.

After my initial suspension and failed reinstatement application in September, I was quite upset and confused as to why after serving the time for the crime, I was not eligible to join my team and friends in a league that I have dedicated so much of my life and money to.

I have now had over a year to reflect on my kickball career and the reasons why I was initially suspended and denied for reinstatement the first time. On top of that I have had several huge additions to my life including a wife and a child on the way, that have helped me put things into perspective.

I still understand that it is a privilege to play on the Circuit and I am still sorry for my actions that led to my initial suspension. However, I do understand that much of my initial reinstatement was based on you trusting just my word to change my actions and uphold a certain standard that I had fallen below. So since my denied reinstatement, I have made some permanent adjustments and enhancements in my life that have allowed me to present to you some evidence of how I plan to be a better participant in K365 going forward.

First, being successfully married for 8 months is no easy task. That alone has given me the ability to be patient and more understanding in situations where I previously might have lost my mind and acted irrationally. This is obviously a staple that comes with any marriage, but my success here is a prime example of how I’ve grown as an individual.

Some other examples of me improving myself to be a better member of K365

  • Several WAKA Regional Tournaments without any issues or confrontations.
  • A successful WAKA Founders Cup without any issues or confrontations.
  • An entire year of WAKA league play without any issues or confrontations.
  • Completed an Anger Management course through Open Path focusing on communication skills and mindful social media (have the certificate framed).
  • Have limited my social media use dramatically and will continue to voluntarily not participate in K365 social media. 
  • I have reached out to numerous captains of teams on the Circuit and have asked if they would sign this letter as a testament to them agreeing that I should be able to participate in the league again based on the steps I have taken to improve myself for the betterment of the community. 
  • Have wrote “I will be a good boy” 365 times on the chalkboard in my home.

Today there are no conclusory reassurances. Only evidence of my efforts that I have put in over the last year with the goal of rejoining K365 for at least a few more tournaments. I will not deny that I still have a passion for this sport and there will be times that I will become frustrated. However, as Ali can tell you, it’s my actions after the frustration arises that will show the progress I’ve made and my ongoing efforts to improve my on field attitude. Let my actions do the talking.

I still also understand that this will be the last time that I am reinstated onto the Circuit. I would like to take full advantage of it, since I do not know how much longer my personal life will allow me to take several holidays throughout the year. I hear having a kid ain’t easy.

All jokes aside, I look forward to re-joining the community and having a positive impact for the remainder of my career.
Thank you,

Bez Kargar


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