Get my Flatmate Kicked Out of their Uni Accommodation

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Since coming back to university for my second semester I have been troubled with constant fornication from the room next door. At first I thought this would be a one off problem, something all university students go through but this was not the case. The constant screaming from the girl and the squeaking from the bed has been affecting my mental health, it has been everyday sometimes morning and evening. At first I tried making light of the situation by recording mini episodes for my friends to see and enjoy but enough is enough. I have spoken to reception to help me deal with the situation but they told me they could do nothing as he is an adult and can make his own decisions. However, just because they are enclosed inside their own room doesn't mean it is acceptable to be making as much noise as possible disrupting other people living here. For that reason I want them kicked out. Initially this petition was for me to get out of my contract so I can move out, but upon deliberation why should it be me who leaves when I am not the problem. There is something called respect and living with people who are disrespectful isn't somewhere I want to be. The video is a brief example of what I have to deal with everyday. Since I have been back (03/01/18) there has not been a day where the fornication has not stopped. The screaming from the girl is one thing but because I am the room next door, I can feel the walls banging and mattress moving up and down, up and down. This is not something a person should be dealing with and it certainly isn't good for their health. Furthermore, the flatmate also smokes in his room and the smell sometimes travels into my room, giving me headaches and difficulty to concentrate. 

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