New Dealership Owners for Kia & Mazda in Trinidad & Tobago

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Many Kia & Mazda owners in Trinidad & Tobago who have purchased new showroom vehicles from the local dealers have expressed their disappointment in the after sales service which they receive from the dealer located in Trinidad & Tobago. The service is great when the buying transaction is taking place; however the service quickly deteriorates as soon as the client has their first service. Vehicle owners are made to wait months for service dates, forced to call 3 months in advanced for a date even if they are unsure of their driving patterns and made to pay exorbitant prices with markups for service maintenance and parts, to ensure that the company's profits are extremely high. 

Due to lack of a proper service maintenance system, clients are unable to have their vehicles attended to in a reasonable time frame and usually some of the issues are not sorted out, forcing clients to seek help at external mechanics to take care of their very expensive investments. 

We are therefore asking the Kia & Mazda brands to have their brands managed by a new entity in Trinidad & Tobago, who can accommodate a high volume of repairs and servicing for vehicles in Trinidad & Tobago, (especially since Kia is one of the top selling vehicles in the country,) that are purchased from Southern Sales under the Kia & Mazda brands. We desperately need better service and our vehicles need better care so that we can ensure our investments last a long time; and also to ensure that we feel confident purchasing another/new vehicle from these brands. 

It is important that customers have a trustworthy relationship with their car dealer to ensure continued business. Therefore, we are kindly asking Kia Motors & Mazda Motors to find a new dealer in Trinidad & Tobago, or send a new dealer to Trinidad & Tobago,  who can comfortably and efficiently handle the large influx of vehicles  and their owners, who require their services at a reasonable price that is beneficial to both the company & the client.

* Photo Credit: Auto Guide