Cancel the abomination that is the Kia Soul

Cancel the abomination that is the Kia Soul

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Started by Jade Pearce

Every single day, I drive down the road, cringing as I rear my head around only to see a Kia Soul. I double check in my rear-view mirrors, once again, only to find a Kia Soul haunting my presence as I drive. This car model is so extremely unpleasant, that I have had nightmares where I am stranded on a car lot only stocked with Kia Souls. 

I feel it is my right as not only a human being, but also a automobile purchaser and driver, to politely and directly ask Kia Motors as well as the creative designer of the Soul, Micheal Torpey, to discontinue and recall all Kia Souls. 

In doing so, the aesthetics of every single American community would jump up at least 10 points. No longer will people have to cram themselves into a car that looks like a moving colored-box on wheels. 

The solution, then, becomes to donate the recalled cars to the fellow clown community, which would upgrade their own colorful clown boxcar on wheels. Additionally, through such a philanthropic endeavor, Kia would simultaneously help increase the hilariousness of clown shoes vis-a-vis their goofy Kia Soul cars. As a nicety, Kia could also gift the clown community with the Kia Soul Hamsters as their own act in a clown circus or rodeo show. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this long diatribe. I hope that you help in cancelling the Kia Soul by signing this petition! 

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!