End Racism and Xenophobia!

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“A healthy nation is as unconscious of its nationality as a healthy man of his bones” someone once said. The world has developed into a much safer and an advanced place altogether. But along with bringing the world together, time has also created relationships between countries, in turn, their people. This has resulted in the birth of various discriminatory practices like racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia. We need to understand that everyone is made equally, like someone rightly said, ‘No matter what is your social status or how powerful you are, we are all equal. We came here by birth and will leave by death’. Racism is a malpractice that can’t be blamed completely on anyone; neither on governments nor communities. But some glitches survive in systems that are enough to fuel such biased practices. Failure in maintaining laws against such prejudices and even weak border control are some of the main causes for this discriminatory practice. Less education also give birth to these evils; as people are not aware of the current facts and are left with the orthodox thoughts of the vicinity. A slow economic growth makes it difficult to get all commodities, economic empowerment, ideological arguments for transformations need do boost economies. We firmly believe in the words of the Zimbabwean president “Racism will never end as long as white cars are still using black tires. Racism will never end if people still use black to symbolise bad luck and white for peace. Racism will never end if people still wear white clothes to weddings and black clothes at funerals. Racism will never end as long as long as those who don’t pay their bills are blacklisted not white-listed. Even when playing snooker. You haven’t won until you’ve sunk the black ball, and the white ball must remain on the table. But I don’t care, as long as still using white toilet paper to wipe my black butt, I’m fine!” We believe that along with your help we can mitigate this malpractice. By signing this petition, you can show your support against racism; together we can fight this evil out of our society. Today these problems our flourishing because we are letting them! Lets stand together and fight racism!

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