Fall Sports and School to Commence On Time

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I have been reading and watching information about the Coronavirus with my parents.  If I watch CNN or Fox, they each have different thoughts on students in school and how the Coronavirus affects people of  different ages.  I am learning very quickly that politicians play politics especially during an election year.  Personally, I do not care what any of the politicians think.

Since my mother is a nurse, we have been reading many articles and listening to people who are examining the Coronavirus all over the world.  Most of my friends miss attending school and playing their high school sport.  I watch people going to the grocery store, Lowes/Home Depot and attending protests.  How can anyone truthfully know where they get the Coronavirus from or any other virus?  We had a friend who was in ICU because of Coronavirus (she recovered) yet her husband never tested positive or showed any signs of the Coronavirus.
When I look up the information on Coronavirus, the news is telling us how many have gotten the Coronavirus but doesn't discuss how many of these people fully recover and very few have to be admitted to the hospital.  My point is allow each Family to decide what is best for them.  If you want to go to school and play soccer (my sport) or any other sport then let us.  If you decide to stay home and do virtual learning and not participate in sports then their decision should be allowed.  Our society needs to learn how to respect each person's decisions.  If I go to school and play soccer and get the Coronavirus then I will have to deal with the consequences not the school.  My family would be willing to sign a document even though I do not understand how people can sue over Coronavirus when no other virus in the world is treated in this manner.  If a student gets any virus in the future and can sue the school system or businesses, the future will be a mess.  Again how does anyone really know where a person contracts the virus?  The tracker systems say they can figure where a person gets Coronavirus however I don't know how they will know if I go to school, a restaurant, grocery store or home in one day where I actually got it.

In closing, I don't want my senior year to be like the Seniors of 2020 where they could not attend school or play their high school sport.  My family understands that each of you have a tough decision when it comes to Coronavirus.  No decision will be completely right.  If you choose virtual school then how many students are committing suicide, being abused more often at home or severly depressed.  If you choose students to attend school, someone will sue the school system because this is what happens when lawyers are involved or an older teacher gets sick and dies.  I believe if you allow each family to decide then the lawyers don't have solid ground for their lawsuit because virtual teaching was available and the families who are scared to send their student to school will get to stay home.  People should get to make a decision to either "Live Life" or "Stay at home and feel more secure".  

I hope and pray that Fayette County's philosophy of "It's About Kids" is true and we get to decide to attend school and sports or choose virtual learning.