Save the Historic Highland Heights Methodist Church NOW

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We, the undersigned, are asking that the Khomus Brothers reconsider the demolition of Highland Heights United Methodist Church building, 3476 Summer Avenue, Memphis.

We asked that the developers please keep in mind that...

1. this is more than just a building to the surrounding community. This building served as a place of worship and missional service for over one hundred years; 
2. there are other creative uses for old church buildings. We would love to get you in contact with some of the developers that have converted old church buildings into spaces that have a positive impact on the surrounding community.
3. there are two gas stations on that corner and there is neither the want nor need for a third.
4. this is a great opportunity to build relationships with the surrounding community

Highland Heights UMC is an anchor in the Highland Heights community.  An anchor for GOOD, providing physical and spiritual food for generations, a space for the community to safely gather, and a beautiful building in a neighborhood struggling against blight.