Bring Back Wed Night BODYJAM at FC North Hills

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We as loyal BODYJAMMERs want our Wednesday, 5:45pm BODYJAM back at Fitness Connection - North Hills!! 

Some of us have attended this class for 10+ years, some for less than that, but our love of dance is the same. 

  • We dance to relieve stress. 
  • We dance to relieve sadness. 
  • We dance to feel joy. 
  • We dance to heal.
  • We dance because it doesn't feel like exercise.
  • We dance to make it through the day or week.
  • We dance because we love to dance. 

We love BODYJAM because we feel the emotional connection with the music and moves that simply cannot be achieved with other dance programs!!  

Many of us joined this particular FC location because of the Wednesday night BODYJAM class.  If the class is removed, there is the potential of losing us as members.

We have loved Rebecca as the instructor of the class but understand that she may no longer be available to teach.  If this is the case, recruit other BODYJAM instructors to teach the class.  

Please reconsider the decision to remove the BODYJAM class on Wednesday night.  We need our mid-week 55 minute BODYJAM dance therapy!!