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Yvonne Lewis started this petition to Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and

Robin Berlyn has been held wrongfully in the United Arab Emirates since 2013. He was made the CEO of a new company which turned out to be a fraud operation by Renwick Haddow, a man wanted for fraud and brokerage related offences who is now serving a 40-year sentence in America. Robin has been stuck there for 5 years, served a 16-month jail sentence for the wrongful charges and has had his passport confiscated, leaving him unable to get a visa to work. 

Robin had a distinguished military career serving in the elite COP Platoon of Grenadier Guards in Africa, Belize and Ireland. He then became a bodyguard and security driver for high profile politicians and members of the royal family including Lord Wolf. He applied for a broker's position with Capital Alternative and was soon after approached by Renwick Haddow about a new office in Dubai called Platinium Commodities. 

He was made CEO when he arrived in Dubai in 2013. He became the company signatory, which made him personally responsible to sign all contracts and cheques. Unknown to him, Renwick and the other boss, Kristian Gander were siphoning the money for themselves and left the clients without their money. 

Near the end of 2014, Robin got arrested after a client came into the office with the police. Renwick and Kristian were not in the country, and he had to take the blame for the money they had been stealing.

He served a 16 month-jail sentence for the charge of the bounced cheques. The UAE ignored the fact that an examination of his finances showed he never had any of the money except for his wages. He was the only one there that they could shift the blame too.

After being released from jail, he was chased by a client for around £150,000. Until the suit is settled, his passport remains confiscated and he cannot get a visa to work. 

For the last 5 years, Robin has been living on charity and has gone through periods of homelessness. He continually tried to work as a Muay-Thai coach but every time he'd get some cash-in-hand work, the client sued him for working without a visa. 

Robin is a father, grandfather, son and fiance. We are asking for the public's support to sign this petition. He has never met his grandson and his mother is extremely ill. He is missed by his family, friends and fiance, Yvonne. The Dubai police and judge have admitted he is not guilty but still will not let him go. 

A week ago he tried to escape and swam two miles out to sea to cross into Oman when he reached the mountains in Zaghi at night, he fell and suffered severe knee trauma before the Omani police deported him back to the UAE. He was hired to be a scapegoat and he's been sinking for the last 5 years. The UK government knows he was preyed upon by con men that UK law enforcement officials were pursuing, we now need the public to help us pressure the government to rightfully fight for Robin and bring him back home. 

Please sign this petition and help us get him home! 

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