Remove the Islamic Shahadah from the Saudi Arabia Flag

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Dear respected reader,

The Saudi Arabia flag carries an arabic sentence which the muslims call "Shahadah". This sentence is what muslims recite to show their affiliation to Islam and is also used as a key for non-muslims to enter islam. It means "Their is no God but Allah and Muhammad Peace be upon him is his last messanger". This is very sacred to all the muslims. Recently as Fifa 2018 preparations kicked off, a lot of things happened that offend muslims and disrespect this beloved Shahada of them. The German firm “Eichbaum”, located in Mannheim city, published the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the caps of one of its liquor products and triggered a firestorm of condemnation in Twitter. Even Footballs were produced with Saudi Flag containing these sacred words. It should be noted that these companies meant no harm while doing so and that the real issue here is that the Flag is containing sacred words that can be disrespected in mentioned situations and cause an outrage for the muslims. Please support this petition with your vote so that the Saudi authorities get a notice of this and re-think the content of their flag to avoid an outrage in the whole muslim world and also save the commercial firms a lot of trouble while not knowing what does this sentence in the Saudi Flag mean and how sacred is it to the muslims.

Thank you all for your support,

Faheem Aziz