Petetion Against Yellow Journalism by 365 Din regarding Student Movement in JU

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The recent developments regarding arts faculty admission procedure had got us concerned about the transparency,autonomy and proper administration of our university.Changing the admission policy thrice while admission procedure is ongoing causes severe harassment to over 17000 applicants.

We the students decided to carry a sit in demonstration protesting for a more sensible and swift decision. It is while this demonstration was going on Khabar 365 Din decided showcasing women in a particular light, zooming in on their bra straps and using derogatory terms like "Fashion Circus" and "Mao Maku Syndicate(Marxist and Maoist)" instead of covering the actual news or a politically unbiased view of it.

We the students strongly condemn such practices of Yellow Journalism and demand khabar 365 din to admit and publicly apologise(Via their own media) unacceptable pictures of our female students, displaying them in a derogatory light and use of political terms to spread false propaganda.