7 January 2021
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Kfueit Examination controller
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Started by Muhammad Mughees

السلام علیکم!

Hope you be all fine!

As you all know our date sheet is published on social media and our exams starting from February 1st. As we study our syllabus after mids exam online then how we can give exams on campus.

And the other reason is that the pandemic is not under control yet. So therefore why University is playing with our future. Other university's including "Numl Islamabad, "International Islamic University Islamabad" also taking exams online starting from 11th January and 1st February respectively. They protest ed against the Universities decision on on social media especially on Twitter and also they complaint on Prime Minister citizen portal. This is our Right. How the students who study whole syllabus online and give exams on campus. 

Use these Hashtags and Tag Prime Minister, Federal minister and Provisional education Minister....







Kindly share this with Kfueit students. Thank you.

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Signatures: 149Next Goal: 200
Support now

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