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Enforce parents to keep their kids home from school while they have head lice.

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It has come to my attention that a number of children in my daughter's class in Tamworth Elementary School have acquired head lice. As with many communicable conditions, this started with one child and has spread very rapidly. Now I'm not trying to blame any of the parents, and certainly not the children, but I was surprised to hear that the school is no longer allowed to ask the child with head lice to leave the premises because the health unit has downgraded head lice to a nuisance. I believe that this should be considered more than that because it is so easily spread between people, and all it takes is for one child to bring them back and start the spread again before the rest of us can properly treat it. My daughter has lovely long curly hair, and she would be devastated if she had to cut it, which could be avoided by keeping this parasite out of our classrooms.

I previously posted my concern on my Facebook page and within the "Tamworth Ontario Canada & Area Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade..." group within Facebook, and I received numerous comments and "likes" on each.  At last count before posting this there were 43 comments and 28 likes on the group post, and 45 comments 40 reactions and 74 shares resulting from my homepage post.  This has indicated to me that I am not alone in feeling that there should be some change on this issue.

If you agree with my stance on this could you please sign my petition to attempt to get the health unit and/or the school board to reconsider their stance. 

Thank you for your time, and together perhaps we can make a difference.

P.S. Prior to me posting this my wife, a teacher at the school in Tamworth, had a conversation but she stated that since she is caught in the middle she would be unable and unwilling to comment, share, like or join in this conversation in any way. This was specifically to avoid any conflict between her and the community and / or her school board. My reasons for posting this thread, and later starting the petition, were in response to the situation in the school that threatened the well being of my daughter.

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