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Change the Elkhorn 8th Grade Promotion Song to "Hall of Fame"

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8th Grade Promotion is a large part of the educational careers of Elkhorn students, marking the end of our middle school lives, and the beginning of our high-school ones. Every promotion, the Elkhorn choir chooses a song to represent progression for the 8th grade students, and to represent our hard work done to achieve our success. "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars was chosen as this year's song. While I do understand that people in the future may be able to count on the students of Elkhorn, the promotion is about more than that. It's about our progression to greatness, and the struggles and hardships we've gone through to achieve our goals. "Hall of Fame" by the script was the song going against "Count on Me" for the final decision, and it has a much more fitting theme, attitude, and tone for our promotion. It talks about greatness, and the hard work people have to do to achieve that greatness. Now join me, and sign this petition to change our 8th grade promotion for the better.

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