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As of December 17th 2019 KFC Jamaica has increased their prices numerous times this year. As we acknowledge rising prices of food and other produce around the world during these difficult economic times, it must also be acknowledged that KFC Jamaica is the or one of the most profitable companies within Jamaica. Millions of customers pass through their doors just to get a whiff of the succulent (expensive) chicken mixed over with their secret herbs and spices.

KFC is hurting our pockets and more over us mentally, as we suffer through withdrawal unable to afford their food. A price increase put upon us is unjustified. KFC director recently put over 2 billion dollars towards expansion of the restaurants across the island. In 2015 KFC Jamaica collected the award of highest transactions within the Caribbean and Latin American region from their parent company YUM.

As a student of the University of the West Indies, KFC has been both boon and savior to me; It is arguably the most popular place on campus boasting more attendance than most lectures. Yet, by increasing prices, it feels more of a burden rather than a decision to buy the food which is usually the only available decent meal to be bought at late hours of the night to midnight.

As they feast, we consumers take the brunt of it with another unjustified increase. I hereby ask the owners and directors of KFC Jamaica to think about the people who have generously supported them for years and roll back on their prices.