KFC improving their chip quality consistency

KFC improving their chip quality consistency

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KFC Australia

Why this petition matters

Started by Charlie Maddiford

KFC chips; when they’re good, are the best.

When they’re garbage, they are truly garbage. Unfortunately there’s an 80% chance you get garbage ones at any given time. I know this is a much memed about and widely acknowledged issue.

This is a petition to appeal to a real Aussie issue; we need the good chips, 100% of the time. Whether it’s worker training improvements or holding workers accountable for chip related transgressions, please do what you need to do to stop the abhorrent rate of terrible KFC chips being handed to customers over good ones. Imagine a future where you can go to KFC without having to decide whether you can be bothered at all, given the chip quality risks associated with going. It’s a future I’ve taken 20 minutes out of my Saturday to strive for.

I am literally eating leathery black chips with not a hint of salt right now. This happens all the time. I’m over it, I love KFC and I want my fellow Australians to enjoy the god tier but elusive KFC chips we crave.

KFC Australia, please, and thank you.

252 have signed. Let’s get to 500!