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Supporters of Scottish Labour,

Recent events are clear, Scotland is now facing a hard right Tory Government and your party, unfortunately, is facing a serious loss at the General Election.

Undersigned are the names of pro-independence supporters in Scotland who understand that we must all put aside party politics in the name of protecting the sick, the weak and the vulnerable.

Scotland is facing a situation where we are about to be subjected to a hard-right tory Government unlike any we have ever seen. With a majority in the commons combined with Brexit, the Tories will be, not only able to pull us from the European Convention on Human Rights but also to declare themselves as sole arbiters of those human rights.

We face, not Thatcherism, but Thatcherism-max, the likes of which no generation has ever seen before.

This is an open and public petition from those of a pro-independence disposition, across all parties and none, to implore you to throw your support and your party in Scotland behind a second referendum and behind a Yes vote in Scotland. 

Independence is no longer a grey issue across the political spectrum, it is about stopping Scotland being subjected to a hard-right Tory Government unlike anything we have ever seen and about stopping our country from being diminished.

Independence is now a moral imperative, but one which can not only prevent the oncoming conservative storm but also allow your party in Scotland to return to its roots and stand for the common worker. 

We implore you to make the switch and to force your leaders to make the switch, not for us but for the protection of every man, woman and child in Scotland. 

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