Keyshare Innovation Group: keep Gatebox's Japanese and otaku character for Western release

Keyshare Innovation Group: keep Gatebox's Japanese and otaku character for Western release

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When Gatebox was announced in 2016, it looked like every otaku's wish come true. AI versions of the characters you've come to love from manga, anime, and video games brought to life via hologram technology. What could be more comforting? Forget Siri, Alexa, and Google Home... give us Azuma Hikari and Hatsune Miku. The trailer made us feel a lot of emotions. We waited for details about Gatebox's release, specs, and price, absorbing each new piece of information with glee. Gatebox is just about ready for release now, making our dreams a reality. 

Except that for western otaku, that won't be the case.

Keyshare Innovation Group have botched the localization of Gatebox seemingly beyond recovery. The hologram's gone, replaced with an everyday screen in a tube. More importantly, the waifu characters are gone, replaced with hideously garrish CGI personal trainers straight out of a PS2 cutscene's graphics. Who asked for this? Who will pay for this? What even IS this?

Imagine dropping the ball this hard when you had a slam dunk in your hands! You don't think otaku that ROUTINELY spend $150 on plastic model kits of space robots won't drop $1500 on this? Pffft. There isn't an otaku anywhere on earth broke enough to let money be an object when it comes to buying random anime merch, let alone a computer that brings the objects of their deepest desires to life.

Keyshare, all you need to do is record an English dub and type up some subtitles. That's it. MAYBE you need to make sure that Gatebox is compatible with western smart homes and devices, but with the ever-increasing monopoly of Amazon, Google, and their pals, I doubt there's even too too much of a difference. That's it. Literally just localize it like you would with a video game. Hire Funimation to do it for you. We don't care. We want GATEBOX. We want Hikari. We wants our VTubers, idols, waifus, daughterus, husbandos and other beloved characters brought to life, in English, or in Japanese, with subtitles.

Reconsider your localization and launch strategies to include the classic version of Gatebox that we were shown and promised. You will not regret it. You're sitting on a goldmine.