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Say NO to Floor & Decor at the corner of Muirland's and La Paz!

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MAKE A STAND AGAINST THE NOISE that will be coming from the store.  Maybe you have been a long time neighbor of the building, or maybe you are new to the neighborhood, but your concern for quality of life in our community is a priority!

Floor and Décor’s plan includes major construction of the existing building plus the addition of a large 12x10 foot roll-up door, primarily used by contractors, that will be facing Muirlands (directly impacting the quality of life in our neighborhoods and adding to the traffic congestion at the entrance). This means large work trucks, trailers, and loads of product being moved and loaded by noisy forklifts. This would not only create more noise and disturbances but would be unsightly with staging material outside the building. The location of this door facing the homes off Muirlands is unacceptable.  A contractor/customer pick-up area should only be located on the side of the building facing the freeway.

Floor and Decor and the leasing company have made it known that they are willing to spend money on what works for them, but NOT what works for the home owners. They refuse to spend the money to properly design a pick–up area on the building’s wall facing the freeway, claiming it would cost them too much money. This basically says that the well-being of the home owners is not worth much to them.

Why say NO?

  • The site location is zoned for commercial businesses serving the community (CC Zone)
  • Floor & Décor is a large-scale warehouse-format store that serves contractors (CR Zone) -- They admit that their main customers are contractors and that a consumer may only visit them a couple of times in their life.
  • We don’t want 4-6 deliveries a day of semi-trucks
  • We don’t want numerous contractors coming and going all day long
  • We don’t want our days filled with sounds of forklifts loading and moving heavy loads of product
  • We don’t want the parking lot used as a rest stop for truckers at night
  • It's not needed as we already have 40+ small, local, flooring businesses in our area
  • We DO want our kids to feel safe walking to and from school
  • We DO want to maintain the integrity and peace of our community

By signing this petition, you are helping us to protect and preserve the nature of our communities and stop the takeover of large national retailers.

Opposing Floor & Decor will tell the city council that we do not want the store in our neighborhoods.  The city council should thereby not allow the changes that Floor and Decor is asking for which should send the store looking for a more appropriate location.


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