Tell The Canyon Lake POA board of directors to vote no on rule change LM 9.20

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The proposed rule change would limit the small area we now have to enjoy watersports where wake enhancing devices are used in the north ski area. Wakeboarding and wake surfing will be impacted the most, quite often the slalom area sits idle and is a valuable resource for property owners to enjoy watersports other than slalom skiing. I want to be clear no one is challenging rule LM 9.22 Slalom skiing has priority in the course. At the June rules and regulations meeting the committee discussed the rule change at great length and a recommendation was made. The proposed rule is NOT what the committee along with our General Manager  recommended. The proposed rule is altered to not allow boats using wake enhancement devices the entire use of the north ski area. The argument made at that meeting to not allow boats use of wake enhancement devices in the slalom section of the north ski area. Slalom skiers like to ski in the mornings and like to be able to leave their boats at the dock with out worrying about damage from rollers. This was discussed and one recommendation was that boats left unattended would likely be ok if they were moored on the inside of one of the two docks so the approaching rollers would push them away from the dock. Another recommendation was boats should have adequate fenders to protect them. Our General Manager also added that if there was anything he could do to improve the docks he would. Please contact POA board with your comments 

My motivation for challenging this rule is the way it was presented and the limits it puts on equally paying property owners of a common area in a HOA. I've heard many complaints from property owners of being treated poorly in the North Lake There is a long list of proposed rules including a special decal for use of that area.  I ride a hydrofoil and don't use wake enhancement devices. I'm passionate about this area because of the great conditions it has that have helped me achieve my goals on my hydrofoil.

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