Give Azealia Banks Access to All Her Social Media Accounts

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Azealia Banks is an American rapper, singer, song-writer and actress from Harlem, New York City. She came on the scene with her bangin’ bop “212” feat. Lazy Jay in 2011, a viral sensation quickly making her the best to ever do it. She did this at 17 and shortly released her classic EP 1991 and followed it up a month later with Fantasea in 2012. After giving fans two projects back to back she then reappeared with her first studio album Broke with Expensive Taste in 2016, this gave her fans and the rest of the world what they didn’t know they needed. Her sound unique, and flow unmatched manages to capture the roots of Hip Hop infused with House music, her sultry voice and unapologetic persona is what makes her music one of kind. Fantasea II The Second Wave is said to be released Summer 2019. Several years into her career she has amassed an international presence and we are calling for Instagram/Twitter social media platforms @AzealiaBanks to be allowed access to her accounts.

Historically Black women, specifically dark-skinned black women have been subjected to a different type of oppression. Black women experience a form of double jeopardy that where in their identity as a woman and person of color both are in question. Navigating the world as an artist that is other. This oppression has been taught for centuries through stereotypes such as black women being loud, ghetto, rude and the angry black woman trope, training and brainwashing the media to see only disgust. Since December 2014, Azealia Banks has used her Instagram account to promote her music/entertainment career. We are calling for an immediate action to be taken in restoring Azealia’s account. Her Wikipedia page even has a section for controversies. This is not only a violation of human rights but of her first amendment right to express herself. Azealia Banks is an artist, that in itself a form of art and business.

She’s a free thinker often outspoken, highly misunderstood and expresses her views on civil rights and pop culture - specifically how her identity as an openly bi-sexual black woman that lives with mental illness is seen as invisible. The media has consistently put out negative content about her – gathering people and allowing them to ride the Azealia Banks hate train along with the writers.  Azealia’s responses come from a space of defending herself against online bullies and racist that make fun of her mental illness, body image, and sexual orientation. We will no longer stand for this. Azealia Banks has openly shared her mental illness with her fan base, that she struggles with mental illness and at one point couldn’t afford to get therapy. She took mandated anger management classes which she successfully completed. By not allowing her access to her accounts, she’s not able to interact with her fan-base or anyone new – further silencing her. She’s evolving as a person and artist and wishes to share that with over 610,000 current followers through her new single “Playhouse” on April 19th, 2019 and will need to do promotion. We are asking that Instagram and Twitter founders take the block off of her Instagram and Twitter accounts. We are asking that all of her fans of the proud KUNT BRIGADE sign this petition, to give AZEALIA BANKS access to her accounts. IMMEDIATELY. At 100,000 signatures we expect that she will gain access, thank you.