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STOP the Redistricting of Union County Public Schools


The residents of Union County are NOT on board with yet another redistricting of our children. This has happened too many times and has proven to be nothing more than a short term solution. One that uproots families, devastates children and parents and causes much turmoil as well as decreases in property values. This is a decision not to be made lightly. 

Based on the McKibben report there is room in our schools, with the caps in place, to accomodate all students for the 2014/2015 school year. There is no reason this hot button issue, that has so many upset parents and children coming out against it, needs to be decided this quickly. We demand you to STOP this process immediately. Take the 2014/15 school year to explore other options. Involve parents in the process and allow them to be heard. Allow them to contribute ideas to a longer term solution. Allow them to exercise their rights at the polls and show you just how serious they are about education. 

There are additional options we have yet to explore and discuss. Parents have not had a chance to ask questions regarding adding on to existing schools; the timeline for building a new school cluster; grandfathering all existing enrolled students (never been done before) and only new construction and sales are subject to a redistricting until the new school cluster is here; how much would it cost in transportation penalties to leave the caps in place and ride out the bubble. There are MORE options that just a redistricting and we WANT TIME to be heard on ALL of them. 

Residents of Union County already feel ignored by our County Board of Commissioners, when it comes to our pleas  for funding education and repairs and renovations in our schools. We have supported you, the Board of Education, throughout your lawsuit against the County and throughout the appeal process. Please do not repay us for our support by making us feel YOU also are ignoring our pleas. 

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    Kevin Stewart- Chairman, Facilities Commitee
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    Richard Yercheck- Chairman, Board of Education
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    Rick Pigg
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    John Collins
  • District 6
    Marce Savage- Vice Chairman
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    Michael Guzman
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    Christina Helms
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    Sherry Hodges
  • John Crowder District 1
    Union County Board of Education Members

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