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My name is Sean Smith. Pardon this big page of information but all of it is important for this to make sense.

For years I have been one of the biggest fans of Kevin Smith and anyone who's met me can confirm this. His movies, podcasts and overall works have helped me through the hardest of times. Without the works he has done I can honestly say I wouldn't be here today. He has inspired me to fight on through suicidal depression, life threatening illness and every day struggle of living with severe disabilities. As an actor as well, nothing would mean more than to appear in a Kevin Smith film. With the upcoming film "Jay & Silent Bob Reboot" - I figure what a perfect opportunity to fulfill a dream. That's where you come in.  Let me first explain my health situation and where my need for such inspiration comes from.

I was born with a brittle bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.) Since I was born I've had well over one hundred fractures with the first one occurring when I was merely a few weeks old. Along with this disability I've had many other health issues including scoliosis, restrictive lung disease, asthma and sleep apnea. 

Growing up disabled I was the victim of severe bullying from both my peers and school faculty. I was in and out of school for broken bones or surgeries, I fell behind in studies and my time in school was filled with harassment so harsh I had trouble facing the days. I was ashamed of who I was and afraid to go out in public. Physically and emotionally destroyed on almost a daily basis.

When I first saw Clerks I found myself dumbfounded at both the amazing artistry as well as the humor, dialog and real life feeling the film brought. Besides my disabilities I was an outcast because I was considered a nerd. Due to being unable to do physical activities, I was very much interested in different forms of media and art. This included Star Wars, comic books, films and novels I found interesting. Though it was Clerks that sent my imagination into a whirlwind. There was a passion film with two lead characters talking about the things I cared about. Using extreme humor, real dialog and content, I finally found a connection to something on a deeply personal level.

The day I saw Clerks I made a change in my life. I began to study filmmaking, acting and storytelling. I worked on my own ideas, attempting to make amateur films and comic books using the worlds I created in my head. Everything post Clerks that Kevin continued to do gave me more fuel to the fire. No matter what people were throwing at me, his works gave me a safe place to escape and find who I am again as to keep me creating, channeling my pain into joy.

Things took a huge turn for the worst on March 27th 2017

I suffered a massive seizure on the night of March 27th 2017 that put me into cardiac and respiratory arrest. The seizure also caused fractures in my right femur and left humorous. I was taken to the hospital where I was revived and placed in ICU. Twelve hours latter, another seizure occurred and this time I was again in total cardiac & respiratory arrest. My Radius and Ulna both shattered in my left arm. I was transported to University of Michigan hospital for emergency seizure and woke up a week later on life support. I was taken off a few days later, my arm in a cast and unable to move my fingers.

After getting on seizure medications I was sent home to recover. I remained in a reclining wheelchair for six months until I had the cast removed. It was then I realized, I had permanent nerve damage. I have lost most function in my left hand, causing me to lose my ability to play guitar (one of my only passions) and be independent. Before all this, I had learned to be semi-independent. Now I can no longer push my chair, get dressed or use the restroom without assistance. I am thousands of dollars in medical debt and also can't work.

In February of 2018 I suffered another seizure, again placing me on life support for one week.  At first they thought I had died completely, saying to my family there was no pulse.  When I came to - I was in the hospital an entire month, changed my seizure medications and sent on my way.

Kevin has been my inspiration to fight on through all of this especially.  I got the opportunity to meet him this year but was unable to ask my dream question.

"Can I be in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot?"

Being in that movie would prove I can still make it in this world and succeed despite the walls closing in on me. Since my seizures are so dangerous with the O.I., I never know if my next seizure could be the last thing that happens to me. I live on fighting despite so many obstacles because Kevin Smith makes me laugh, makes me dream and makes me believe.

So please - sign this petition and help me make a lifelong dream come true. I'll do it for free, be an extra, anything. This would change my life forever and is the one thing on my bucket list that would make me feel complete.

Come on, Kevin. Help a fan. I even love Tusk and Yoga Hosers, remember?

Sean Smith
(Snoochie Boochies, Snoogins and all that jazz...)