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Under Armour CEO: Close Baltimore City's School Funding Gap

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Dear Kevin Plank: We are Baltimore City residents and supporters and we want you to take your private fortune and donate it to the Baltimore City school system to close the funding gap that resulted from Under Armour's development deal at Port Covington. With your generous support, we can proudly buy and wear Under Armour apparel. But if you choose profits over education, we will grab our wallets and find another clothing line to support. 

As you are aware, Governor Hogan has proposed $42 million in cuts to city schools in his forthcoming budget. State funding has remained relatively flat, while operating costs have steadily risen. This brings the sum total of the school district's deficit to $130 million, which means Baltimore City's schools are facing serious barriers to basic day-to-day operations. Would you be able to run your business effectively with such a deficit? 

Port Covington was given an historic $600 million tax break though lawmakers knew that it could mean massive cuts to public schools from the state. There was a promise that the state funding formula would be adjusted to account for the TIF's effect on school budgets. However, Under Armor's development makes it look like there is more wealth in the city to direct to our schools, though the TIF effectively denies us the actual money. The education of children was gambled against corporate development. What are your plans for remedying this massive loss?

We know you love Baltimore. Do the right thing. Close the funding gap.

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