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Revive America's Patriotism

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America's Patriotism has diminished greatly for the past two decades.  It had eroded to the point that Professional Athletes feel that kneeling during the National Anthem in social protest is more important than saluting the flag and honoring those soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their right to protest.  We have given our kids the option to sit out the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools, and in many schools, the pledge has been removed entirely.  Have we as a nation become so ungrateful for the blessings that we have, that we can't take pride in standing, removing our hats, placing our handover our hearts and reciting the pledge or singing the Anthem together?  It is time that We The People wake up and realize how much of ourselves are we losing while we are exercising this freedom to sit it out or by taking a knee!

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