A Stop to Global Warming

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In the picture, on which side would you rather your earth be?

Global Warming is a major issue that many people don't realize. Global Warming is caused by carbon and air pollutants. These air pollutants are caused by car fumes, the burning of fossil fuels, natural gasses, oil, and more. The effects of global warming are melting of glaciers (bad for polar bears), droughts, negative effects on some animal habitats, etc. Global Warming CAN be stopped and these are some solutions: using LED lights, using energy-efficient gadgets, reduce waste, and walking or biking instead of using a car.

Global warming affects me and my future because it causes grocery prices to rise, diseases, and bad air quality.

This petition is directed to the CEO of Prince Georges County Public Schools (PGCPS), Mr. Kevin Maxwell, making Global Warming a required curriculum in PG High schools. I think the more people know about global warming the better chances there are of stopping it. By making global warming a required class this makes high school students aware of the issue and will hopefully motivate them to help stop it. When you hopefully sign this petition, you are committing to help STOP global warming and encouraging others to help stop global warming. If we help stop global warming now, we can keep our future society and earth, safe. So what are you waiting for, sign now.

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