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We are the Calgary Saints Hockey Association who play hockey out of Calgarys Northeast at the Don Hartman Sportsplex. 

We are home to roughly 480 youth hockey players in the surrounding areas in NE and SE Calgary. As of March 18th, 2019 Hockey Calgary made the heartbreaking decision that our association has to be disbanded, under their authority. Our membership is not merging with any others, but we are to dissolve our association and our membership will be divided into 3 different associations across the city in a few short months, to commence with the 2019/2020 season.

Their reasoning they gave us for this drastic action was to grow the numbers of Hockey players in Calgary and make teams more competitive across the board. 

This has had the reverse effect with members in our association with many players now having to quit the game all together because of this decision, because of the obstacles that they are now faced with including extended travel times, no carpooling, no in house subsidies and lack of volunteer opportunities to help offset the cost of their fees. Our older players ages 15-17 who have been playing together with their peers since they were 5-6 years old have no choice but to be split up to other associations while other associations that are merging are given the option to grandfather their older players together, without giving us the same consistency.

Although small in numbers we have the most unique and special association dynamic with a "small town" mentality. We have always endorsed that EVERY KID CAN PLAY, this slogan is used to the truest form in so many aspects. Our association is largely made up of low to middle income families whom this decision will effect directly. Hockey Calgary did not look at us with a humanitarian eye but with more of a corporate coldness, our circumstances and our families were not taken into consideration and we were treated like numbers, not people. We pay to play the game of hockey, pay to be an association, and we are equal partners in the business that is the governing body that is Hockey Calgary and we were not given equal treatment in this situation.

Our association has not ever asked Hockey Calgary for assistance, financial or otherwise. We are a member in good standing of the Hockey community in Calgary. We do not draw on their ice allocations, we pay our bills on time and have always been in complete compliance with their rules and regulations. We are truly not a hindrance in any way to them. Their decision to re-do the boundaries was a direct attack on us as an association, The Saints being the only association to be ordered to dissolve in the city. That this was a sacrifice they were willing to make with our players being the collateral damage. This is truly disturbing with an organization that claims they are trying to "grow" the game. The actions of Hockey Calgary seem like it was to more to fulfill their agenda which we believe may have more to do with the building we play out of instead of what may be "right" for hockey in Calgary and what is fair to their member associations.

We have heard the phrase "but it's just hockey" from some but those that say that are wrong, this is about more than hockey. This is about community, the kids involved, the parents, the support system that has been in place for years and is a necessity for many families in our membership.

This, most importantly, is also about a majority vote from the President's Council, to the Hockey Calgary board, on the boundary process for "status quo" in the 2019/2020 season by 8 associations representing 70% of hockey families in Calgary that was completely ignored by Hockey Calgary. This IS about fairness and equality to all player associations, regardless of size.

We need your help and we need your signatures to save our players, our families, our rink, we are not accepting these changes, we are not being ridiculous in our fight. This is real, this is raw, these are children being torn apart with no real benefit to the game. If we want to grow the game of hockey lets grow it - lets have a meeting of the minds and find viable solutions for EVERYONE. 

Without the Saints I am worried for some many of these childrens futures - we must continue building the next generation of respectful, well rounded, disciplined human beings who deserve their right to play.


To quote our friends over at NWW "At a time like this, while so many families struggle with economic hardships in our city, activities and organizations that bring people together need to be supported. They need to be celebrated. And they need to be included in a thoughtful and diligent process that engages all stakeholders at all levels with transparency"