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Change Amy's Name on Instagram to Amethia

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When people join together and raise their voices about an issue they care about, the message is hard to ignore.

A year or two ago, Amy and a few of her friends from college were at a bar when a stranger approached them and would not stop talking to them. In their drunken glory, they decided to provide him with fake names. These names are as follows:

Becca - 'Bequitha'

Ashley - 'Ashanti'

Mariah - 'Maria'

Amy - 'Amethia'

As incredible as each of these names are (except maybe Maria), the only one that stuck was Amethia. Amy quickly grew into the name and adopted all qualities that only an 'Amethia' would have.

I demand that Amy Kuehnert formally change her name to Amethia Kuehnert on Instagram to reflect these values.


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