Treating Tenants Like People

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This petition is a direct response to the treatment of the residents of "The Residences @ 159 Tinley Park" by the current office manager Patti Dalton. Her relationship and treatment of current tenants is rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. Her attitude is not consistent with the office leasing agent or the awesome changes the property management company has implemented. We, as tenants demand a change in leadership. Her demeanor and inability to effectively form a working and cordial relationship drives people away and alienates current tenants. 

I've personally been a resident at this location for several years and have seen many changes in management. I've always had a respectful and friendly relationship with the office manager(s). As a small business owner, who works with seniors and the general public every day, I have a passion for making sure that people are treated with respect and dignity. When it's your home, you don't want to feel like the office manager doesn't care about the human aspect of the situation. I respect sternness and the nature of business, but the way you treat people makes all the difference in how tenants work with management in making the complex a stronger more effective community.

We feel that she does not possess the temperament to effectively manage "The Residences @ 159 Tinley Park" and we appeal to the property management company, Tri-United Management, Inc. to put in place a manager who understands the importance of treating its residents as human beings.