Put a big screen up on Torquay Green if England qualify for the world cup final

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This morning, England play in the World Cup semi-final for the first time in 28 years. For most of us, this has been the first time we've seen the national football team get there. It has been amazing to watch and has brought everyone together and pretty much put the whole country in a good mood.

When we do win a match, they usually show clips of a number of different towns and cities where there is a large communal area with a big screen where hundreds/thousands of supporters can watch a game together. I'm aware that Torbay probably doesn't have the kind of funds available to them like the cities do, but I think if England do qualify for the World Cup Final, there should be a big enough area for all of us to watch the game together. The only place multiple people can watch a match at the moment is a pub, but by putting a big screen in a public area, the whole family can enjoy the experience.

I have mentioned Torquay Green (Torre Abbey) in this petition as it's the most obvious place where people can go. There have been hundreds of festivals on the green before, so we know the infrastructure is there to put a screen there. However, if this isn't possible, then I'm sure people would be happy to go somwhere else (Paignton maybe?)

Not only would this be a great way to bring the town together, but it could also be great for local business if there were stalls selling food and drink for everyone.

The World Cup Final is on Sunday at 4pm, so there isn't a lot of time left. But I think the people of Torquay deserve the chance to watch the final together, just like people in other towns are doing.

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