MCU Changes

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We need to convince the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) to release the 5th season of Agents of Shield in DVD format. Releasing it for purchase in stores across Canada and the US. Also, to create comic books that tie in the loose time frames between the movies & TV shows. For example:

1. Avengers comics that take place before the Age of Ultron, that tell how the Avengers got back together and how they began their search for Lockie's Scepter. 

2. Comics that take place before and after Civil War fighting villains that were featured in the Avengers Assemble TV series.

3. A Hulk/Guardians of The Galaxy/Spider-Man Comic Book that tells how Hulk got to Sakkara before Thor Ragnerock. Even a Thor comic that takes place after Age of Ultron that tells of Thor's quest for the infinity stones & how he became a prisoner of Serter, As we as explain why was Lady Sif not part of Thor Ragnerock as well as how Lockey got Odin to gibe up his power & brought him to earth.     

4. For Guardians of the Galaxy, events that take place after the first movie but before the next one. This also applies for Spider-Man, include information that takes place before Civil War and after Home-Coming.

5. Quake comic books that take place before season 4 should include how Quake is dealing with the loss of Lincoln and how she is protecting her fellow in-humans from the watchdogs.

6. With respect to the 5th season of Agents of Shield - Quake should not be put into "second" fiddle situations. Once they are out of the future give Quake & Robin more mother and daughter bonding moments. Don't make Quake the reason why the world gets destroyed, make Thanos, Graviton or the creature located under LA  (in the final episode of Marvels Runaways) the reason why the earth got destroyed.

7. In the 5th season, there should be no cliff hanger and it should end on a good note so that Coulson and Quake are part of the Infinity War Movies. Also, Quake needs to become the Director of Shield at the end of season 5's final episode.

8. If there is going to be a season 6 of Agents of Shield or more seasons of the Marvel Netflix TV series then it would be good to show them after the second Infinity War Movie airs. This will make things flow better and improve the evolution of the story lines.