Allow James Gunn To Finish The Guardians of the Galaxy Trilogy

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Just as it is within James Gunn's rights to say whatever he wants to on Twitter, it is the right of Kevin Feige, Marvel Entertainment, and Disney to chose who they want at the helm of their films. However, as fans, we deserve some say on who directs our movies. Disney has said Gunn's actions don't align with their values; how do the fans feel? 

The critical difference between Roseanne's tweets and statements by certain heads of state that have been called "locker room talk" is that I don't think anybody truly believes James Gunn has those beliefs. I do not think anybody, including Disney, believe James Gunn supports pedophelia etc. Whereas Roseanne made an actual awful racist remark about another person with whom she is not friends.

I know that me and a specific circle of friends used to make similar jokes in college for the sake of "who can be the most depraved". We'd make sarcastic jokes about underage persons or jokes about consent. This didn't indicate that any of us actually felt that way. We only had a little inside joke with each other about who can say the most effed up things. 


It seems very similar to what James Gunn described these messages were. He was trying to be provocative. 

Now, I won't pretend that I can't see the difference between making jokes with my friends and posting on a public forum. It was a terrible career move, which clearly he knew which is why he had deleted them. 

But I can deflect all day. The choice should be the viewer's. Disney may not want to forgive James Gunn, but how about the fans? Support this petitions and sign your name if you still want James Gunn to finish the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy!

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