Open the ocean back up to San Diego surfers

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The closing of the ocean to surfers, swimmers, and body-boarders is an unjust attack on our freedoms during this time of crisis. Citizens using the ocean for various "light exercises", is no different from citizens walking or riding bikes within their communities. While it has become an issue of whether surfers-and other users of the ocean- can maintain proper "social distancing," the point becomes moot when looked into further. While surfing, the recommended "six-foot safety distance" is upheld by nearly all surfers. At times the distance is stretched even farther, and in crowded line-ups, surfers still manage to maintain proper social distance spacing. The ocean has a therapeutic effect that both disabled and non-disabled people share. Surfing, in addition to swimming and body-boarding, is an excellent form of cardio. Furthermore, maintaining good cardio is essential to the composure of one's health. With the closure of the body of water surrounding the City of San Diego, citizens are hurt both physically and mentally. The proposition of this petition is not to advocate for citizens to leave their communities for aquatic activities, but to allow residents of the beach communities to access their local ocean to participate in water-based activities. Overall, reopening beaches will enable residents to use the ocean for outdoor activities and benefit these citizens physically and mentally, while allowing them to maintain the new safety regulations of "social distancing".