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Tell TN state Legislature to allow city utilities to proved internet services to everyone!

Tennessee state law states that city utilities are only allowed to offer telecom services to customers within their power service territories. The decision to hold keep this law by the Federal Communications Commission will prevent many people in Cleveland TN from obtaining high speed internet. 1,000's of people only have dial up internet available in their area. Businesses are unable to meet their demand or unable to get started with high prices on inadequacy service and speed. "The removal of the barrier (by the Legislature) would, in my opinion, open up a world of opportunity between utilities with the ultimate winners being the community and the region," ( Lets tell our Legislatures that we want the option and that we support the right to classify internet as a public utility. This would make the agency regulate it and make sure everyone received the same access and speed. Grant Suneson at newsy explains that this would prevent companies from blocking or slowing internet traffic. It would also prevent companies from charging more for higher speeds. This only helps us, we the people. It would help business grow and have new start up come to life. Let's support this action to give us the consumer the right to equal internet!

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