Replace Ameer Vann with Anthony Fantano in BROCKHAMPTON.

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On May 27th 2018, longtime BROCKHAMPTON member and rap artist Ameer Van was removed from the rap group BROCKHAMPTON over allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment. My goal is to replace Ameer with longtime fan, music critic and full-time melon Anthony Fantano. His channel, 'theneedledrop' has over a million subscribers, and there is no question that Melon could bring the bars to the band that would improve the new albums immensely. Fantano also has amazing chemistry with the band, with member Merlyn Wood revealing that he thought of Mr. Fantano when he was getting head.

If this petition gets 5,000 signatures, I will tweet Fantano and Brockhampton the petition, and they will have to agree.

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