Remove Tyler Fleet from KRHS

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Tyler Fleet has been working at Kettle Run Highschool since August 2016. During his time teaching at this school, he has executed inappropriate and unprofessional behaviors, as well as unprofessional comments. These are some examples of these behaviors and comments,

He was arrested for sexual battery, but pleaded innocent, even after multiple witnesses.

He allowed males to use power tools, but when a female asked, he refused.

When a student came to him to report being inappropriately touched, he laughed off the incident and told the student to “grow up”

He’s called his students “stupid” and “failures”

He forced a female student to preform a strip tease in a musical (she ended in a see through nightgown), even after she said she was uncomfortable with it. 

Many students have shared their feelings of anxiety, fear, disappointment, and anger when it became known that he would return. Students shouldn’t feel unsafe in a building dedicated to learning, growth, trust and acceptance. Having Tyler Fleet remain at this school will allow these feelings of fear to remain. Kettle Run Highschool administration should take proper action and have him removed.

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