Stop doing early miscarriage D&C’s in labor and delivery at Kettering hospital.

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I just went thru one of the worst things of my life today. I am sure anyone going thru this will probably say the same thing. I found about 3 weeks ago that  I had a miscarriage. me and my dr agreed decided  that a D&C was the best option for multiple reasons infection, healing time, mental health and other reasons. I found out early I was pregnant and we found out a few weeks after that the baby was not going to make it but my body still thought it was pregnant for about 3 weeks even though the baby was not viable. so we decided together that it would be best instead of waiting for my body to naturally go thru it because it could of still been a couple weeks before my body might do it on its own plus they don’t usually want the baby to stay in past 2 weeks because of the chance of infection. My D&C was scheduled yesterday and I found out that it was going to be done in  labor and delivery I think because my dr wanted  prepare me (she already knew how emotional I was about it). I am an emotional person and to have a woman who has had a miscarriage and make her sit in a room with a ultrasound/ heartbeat  monitor outside my curtain is wrong and cruel. I was made to sit there 2 hours before my surgery and hear babies heartbeats and happy family’s having healthy babies. It’s like adding insult to injury and I need to do something about it I don’t want another woman to have to sit there essentially being tortured having to listen to everything on that unit. Why is it that In most hospitals they do D&C procedures in the regular operating room but Kettering it is in labor and delivery. Something has to change it’s not fair and it is going to make my healing process even harder. It’s not fair and even the nurses have complained and they won’t do anything. So I am going to try because the one thing I have learned thru this is I am not the only one there are many woman that have miscarriages before 12 weeks and I hope that if we all sign this petition we can make a change for the people in the Dayton area and hope woman don’t have to go thru this again. It’s the wrong place for us to be and I hope you all agree and help me make a chance for the people who unfortunately will have to go thru it in the future. Thank you for listening to my story and I hope you will all help me make the change that is needed for better mental health after a traumatic and tragic event like a miscarriage 

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