Help Keswick get its Christmas Tree back!

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For the first time in living memory Keswick no longer has a proper Christmas tree! Instead we have the tree below the Moot Hall with some baubles on.
Keswick Events Committee, who do some fantastic work putting on events throughout the year, decided that Keswick would not have a tree this year. The reasons given were they felt it too crowded by market stalls on market days and also the fact it was vandalised last year.
The tree has always happily coexisted with the market and market traders have no objection to it being there. 2018 was the first time it has even been damaged and we would hope this is a one off.

The tree was the focal point of the light display in Keswick and admired by locals and the 10s of thousands of visitors every year. Virtually every town and a lot of villages throughout the country have a tree except the 'Jewel in the crown of the Lake District' – Keswick.

So if you want Keswick to have a Christmas tree for 2020 then sign this petition and hopefully Keswick Events Committee will realise the strength of feeling in the town and reverse their decision.