The state government should invest in newer shark management strategies

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As there have been a number of recent shark attacks, our response is shark culling which means implementing more shark nets and as a result, destabilizing the marine ecosystem. Interestingly, the chances of getting bitten and killed by a shark are less likely than getting crushed by a vending machine. The culling of sharks destabilizes the marine ecosystem and shark management technology like shark nets does that as well as kill countless other marine life unnecessarily.

This petition will call awareness to protect our oceans from the government's 16 million dollar plan for shark management and more specifically how the current use of shark nets is not an effective solution to shark management. It has been proven by numerous studies from different universities that shark nets do not have an effect on our protection as well as marine life. The number of shark attacks hasn't changed since the 1990s.

This petition will affect the safety of our marine life as well as our safety as everyday beachgoers. It will tell the government to invest in innovative technology that offers Australia more foolproof protection as well as providing a sustainable solution to the unnecessary killing of marine life. 

If this petition is successful, the Government will cease the use of shark nets in NSW and will be compelled to look at using alternative technologies even more. This would mean we would be safer than ever at the beach and so would our marine life. This would lead to better, safer beaches and a more safe, innovative and happy Australia.