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Justice For Rexx! We need Charges against Sargent Sotelo who killed him!

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The story In Rexx's mommy's words:

I want to thank you for reaching out to Neil and I. We are heartbroken and beyond devastated over the loss of our Rexx. I'm sure you feel as we do, that animals aren't just pets or possessions. They are beings, they feel what we feel. Our animals are like our children. I actually call them our fur babies.

Neil is currently on probation. He is unsigned, meaning he doesn't report to a probation officer and only needs to check in with the probation department once a month. Each time he has to fill out a form where he indicates his current contact information and that we have 2 dogs and a cat. He was also assigned work project, which is like community services. He reports to his work project Mon-Wed.

Neil was at his work project on Wednesday when the probation sweep unit came to our house. I was also at work. I received a call from my neighbor at 9:58 AM saying there were about 6 police vehicles at our home and that he gave them my contact number. He told me he offered to takes our dogs to his house, but the police informed him it was taken care of. At 10 AM I received a missed call and voice mail from Kelly Fagan (I believe that's her last name) with the probation department requesting a call back. At 10:02 AM I returned the call and was only able to leave her message. At this point, I had no idea they went into our backyard or that they had shot our baby boy. I assumed they were just looking for Neil for a probation check up and would leave since we were not home. At 10:08 AM Kelly called back and stated they shot our dog. When I asked her if he was ok or if they killed him, she said that "He is still breathing and animal control is on there way to take him to VCA." When I asked her why they could/would do this her reply was "Well, your boyfriend is on probation." As if that justifies taking a life. There was no remorse or empathy in her voice. I was told an officer would be calling me later with a status update on Rexx. At 12:38 PM I received a call from animal control telling me Rexx was deceased and at SPCA for pickup. He never made it to VCA. Sargent Sotelo, with Rancho Cordova PD, called and left a voice mail for me at 3:45 PM regarding the incident and a report number.

After a few failed attempts to reach Sargent Sotelo by phone and in person, Neil was finally able to speak with him regarding the incident on Thursday at 7:27 PM. He is the shooting officer that killed Rexx. He told Neil his side of the events. That it is protocol to have officers in the front and back of the house. There were 3 officers that went into our backyard with there guns drawn and he said he felt Rexx charge at him so he shot him. When Neil ask if there was another approach they could have taken we were told no. Sargent Sotelo denies our neighbor speaking with them. However, our neighbor states he spoke with them twice. And I believe our other neighbors saw that interaction from what I've been told.

Rexx was not an aggressive dog. He has never attacked or hurt another animal or person. He was friendly, playful and lovable. He lived with our lab, Macy, and our cat, Tux. All of our animals are indoor animals, with the exception of us being gone at work. Rexx had just celebrated his 2nd birthday and had many happy years ahead of him. We want justice for Rexx!

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