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Upper Sixth to have the same lunch time

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As the new timetable for 2017/2018 are released via the ILP for the upper sixth students, it has come to upset a lot of people, that we no longer share the same lunch times with our friends. Due to lessons changing, we don't have much time to see each other, so lunch time for us was a big part of  being able to spend time together and to be able to support one another. Around mock exams and assignment deadlines, it is nice to have friends support you if you tend to struggle or even if there is an issue with other peers or at home. 

This new timetable change was to get more students to attend lessons as the college found that people attend lessons more during the middle of the day, however if we no longer can spend time together at lunch you will find more people will start skipping lessons to see friends.

For the lower sixth, it isn't a big issue as they will come to find friends who are on their lunch period, but the upper sixth already made their friends last academic year. A lot of students agree something needs to be done.

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