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Nutricia: STOP changing your formula! Bring old neocate splash back!

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A few years ago nutricia changed the infant neocate formula that my son needs to live on. He has FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) and MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) He only has 9 safe foods and needs this formula to receive all the nutrients he needs to grow and thrive. With this last change he was left without a safe formula for months which required a hospitalization and NG tube.  He has been on Neocate grape splash since then and is thriving. Recently nutricia announced the change and I panicked and emailed them.  Their response back was

"Most of the ingredients in Neocate Splash are the same as those used in Neocate EO28 Splash; however, they may have been used in different amounts. In Neocate Splash, some ingredients were removed and the names of some ingredients have been changed, although the raw materials used were the same as those used in Neocate EO28 Splash"

They assured me that the taste would be the same and that if I introduce it slowly according to their transition guide that my child would be fine.  A fellow FPIES/MCAS mom has trailed the formula with her daughter and has said it looks, smells and tastes different.  Her child gagged and refused to drink more. 

I am terrified of what this means for my son. It's awful watching him go through reactions with stomach pain, leg pain, cough/asthma symptoms, rash, diarrhea and more.  He should not have to endure this so big formula companies can profit from a new improved formula.

Please sign this petition to urge these big formula makers to stop changing our children's food!  It isn't fair to our kids!!

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