Begin filming and publicly posting Kerr County Commissioners Court meetings.

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Kerr County Commissioners Court meetings take place at 9 AM on Monday mornings. Because most constituents cannot attend at that time due to work or family constraints, the residents find it difficult to follow the happenings at each meeting. Further, misunderstandings and misinterpretations regarding the words or actions of the court happen since there is no timely public record of the proceedings.

The obvious solution to these problems is to film the meetings in audio/video format and share those recordings with the public.

Currently, Kerr County uses a court reporter to create verbatim transcriptions of each meeting. The problems are, 1.) The minutes are generally not posted online for a month following the meeting; 2.) The minutes are not easily consumed by the average voter because of their length; and 3.) Written accounts do not convey the context, the feeling in the room, sarcasm, humor, or other inflection that can change the meaning of a spoken sentence.

We request that Kerr County immediately move to implement a recording and sharing procedure for all public meetings to better inform and engage the voters of Kerr County for whom the Commissioners serve.