Gyms are Essential in Kern County

Gyms are Essential in Kern County

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Kristi Reneau
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For the second time this year, gyms may be forced to close. Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced that Kern County is at risk of closing Fitness Facilities. These possible closures are expected to happen by the end of week, July 24 2020, due to the failed efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19. There has been no relative data released to conclude that the spread of Covid-19 is more prevalent in gym settings. 

Gyms have enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols, require a 6ft social distance, require masks, and strive to make a safe atmosphere for all members. Compared to other public areas, gyms pose no specific threat.

Going to the gym, or exercising in general not only aids in metabolic health, but it is vital for a strong immune system. By maintaining a healthy immune system our bodies have a higher chance of fighting off this virus, and other viruses. Other benefits include lowering our stress levels, along with giving us our needed dose of social support and camaraderie ( From a safe 6ft distance).

As a community we must stand together, speak up and demand that our fitness facilities become essential and remain in operation.