Justice for Wendy

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Our mother is currently incarcerated for an alleged unjustifiable homicide. In truth, she defended herself and her family against a man who has abused us as well as others for many years.

This man beat her with a metal baseball bat while she was pregnant with their daughter. The case was filed in Ventura County. 

This man sexually abused her minor daughter. A report was filed with the Kern County Sheriff's Department, but charges were never brought.

This man had several physical altercations with her minor sons.

This man tried to rape her.

This man sexually assaulted his own biological minor daughter on multiple occasions. A report was filed with the Tehachapi Police Department and an investigation was occurring at the time of his death. 

This is a man with a history of violence toward her and our family and we all have many reasons to have been afraid.

Our mother loves her life and her children with everything that she is. She had no choice, but to defend herself and her family against a man who had already tried to kill her before. She had every reason to fear for her life and the safety and wellbeing of her children.

There is no reason she should be charged with first degree murder. It is unjust. Kern County District Attorney, Cynthia Zimmer needs to know how the public that she serves feels. The charges against our mother need to be dropped. She does not deserve to be prosecuted. 

There is no place she deserves to be more than home with her family.